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Large Group Meeting

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The first half of our evening meetings begin with a time of worship followed by teaching based on Celebrate Recovery's 12 Steps and 8 principles. Click here to find out more about Celebrate Recovery's 12 Steps and 8 principles and other Celebrate Recovery resources.

Stories of hope and healing are shared on alternate weeks during Large Group meeting time.  Testimonies from others who are further along in their recovery journey are a vital source of encouragement for everyone.


Open Share Groups


The second half of the evening is made up of Open Share Groups. These are small groups for men and women that are grouped by specific areas of hurts or areas of recovery. Open Share Groups are a safe place to begin talking about your hurts and struggles with people who have experienced many of the same things you have. You can find out about some of the specific groups that are currently meeting by clicking here.  

In addition to our Thursday night meetings, individuals are encourged to take their recovery to the next level by participating in a Step Study.  For more information on Step Studies click here

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