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Open Share Groups


Our groups are moderated by a small group leader using Celebrate Recovery guidelines which you can find here.   Here are the groups that currently meet:

Women’s Groups


Life issues

This group encompasses many of life's hurts, hangups and habits including co-dependency, insecurity, divorce, grief, anger, and difficult relationships


Hope for Intimacy

This group consists of women who are struggling with trying to rebuild intimacy and trust in their relationship affected by pornography and sex addictions


Women's Addiction

This group of women share their struggles with addictions of any form and it's effect on their lives and relationships


Men’s Groups


Chemical Dependency

This group helps men who are struggling with any form of substance abuse and its impact on those around them.

Sexual Addiction/Pornography

This group is specifically for men who want to break free from the bondage of pornography or any other form of sexual addiction.

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